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Thursday, June 09, 2005

I wonder what CAIR will say now?

Remember the stink from CAIR over the Fox show "24"? Fox decided to air a PSA to "reinforce" that there are good Muslims. Apparently, Americans can't tell the difference between TV and reality:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations - CAIR: Article Contents:

CAIR called for Wednesday's meeting to address the depiction of a 'Muslim' family that is at the heart of a terror plot in the popular program. The Washington-based Islamic civil rights and advocacy group is concerned that the portrayal of the family as a terrorist 'sleeper cell' may cast a shadow of suspicion over ordinary American Muslims and could increase Islamophobic stereotyping and bias.

Well, now we have two father-son pairs under arrest:

Hamid allegedly received terrorist training and funding from the father, an ice cream truck driver, so he could carry out attacks on hospitals and large food stores in the United States. But FBI officials on Wednesday backed away from specific information regarding any type of planned attacks.

Hamid, 22, and his father, 47, are charged with lying to authorities about the son's alleged training at an Al Qaeda camp in 2003 and 2004 and money sent for training. Both are American citizens; the younger man was born in California.

Somehow I doubt we'll see a PSA from Fox/CAIR about this