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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hope for Property Owners

Well, maybe some good is coming out of the ludicrous Kelo decision. From the Dallas Morning News:

Republican lawmakers in the Texas House and Senate introduced companion versions of a constitutional amendment that would prohibit eminent domain seizures purely for economic development.
Larry Morandi, a land use expert at the National Conference of State Legislatures, said he has received queries from legislative staffers in four states other than Texas looking to restrict use of eminent domain: Idaho, Oklahoma, New Jersey and Virginia. On Monday, Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt announced the creation of a special task force to study eminent domain laws.

The press release about the legislation is here.

I've seen several references across the blogosphere (here for example) to the proposed "Lost Liberty Hotel" - complete with the "Just Desserts Cafe" - on Justice Souter's property. I can't think of a more appropriate response. Hopefully, they'll vote to kick him out before New Hampshire does anything about it.