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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fall TV Preview

Well, with all my shows on summer hiatus (or cancelled), I started looking at the fall lineups over at TV Picks. I don't watch sitcoms much, but a few dramas are on the list. Here's the ones I looked at:

Commander-in-Chief: ABC puts Geena Davis as the first female President - coming to the job from the VP position. It also has Donald Sutherland as the Speaker of the House. I'm not a big Davis fan, and this show seems like another West Wing, however, Donald Sutherland is a big draw for me. Doubtful I'll watch it much, though.

Invasion: Conspiracy TV. The natural disasters like the Florida hurricanes are really a cover for aliens to do their work. Looks like X-Files is coming back. Not sure about the premise (I never was an X-Files fan).

E-Ring: West Wing for the Pentagon. It has Benjamin Bratt from Law & Order and Dennis Hopper, so it has potential from a star standpoint.

Night Stalker: Oh I remember the original show scaring me a lot on late Friday nights. I wonder how well this will hold up.

Reunion: This follows 6 people from their high school graduation 20 years ago to the current day where one of them (not revealed) is dead - so this is sold as half-mystery, half-drama. I like serial shows, and this one hits my age group almost dead on (considering my 20 year reunion is about six weeks away). However, the format just about insures that it's a single season show.

In Justice: Law & Order in reverse. Kyle MacLachlan plays a lawyer who proves convicted prisoners innocent. It's already set for mid-season, which makes me think they are already skeptical about it. Might be interesting for a few shows, but would almost certainly (like L&O) get old after a while.

The E-Ring and Reunion are probably the ones I'm the most interested in. It's been a few years that I've started watching a new show regularly (24 is the last "new show" I put on my watch list). Given that Reunion is likely to only last the year, E-Ring will probably be the one I keep an eye on for the next few months. I still doubt many of these will hold up well against 24, though :)