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Friday, May 13, 2005

That Was.... Disappointing

Well, I tuned in to watch the Enterprise finale tonight. The producers meant it as a some kind of "love letter" to Trek fans and that it was meant to capture the series. Well, if that's a love letter, then they need to study up on romance again. The Riker-Troi plot of (somehow tucked back into the excellent TNG episode "The Pegasus) was more pointless than illuminating. So, here we have Riker struggling to decide whether he should violate orders about the mutiny on board the Pegasus. While struggling, he pulls up records of Enterprise's final mission to study it for lessons. Ooo, the drama and suspense of it all. They would have been better off with a stand-alone episode, rather than this contrived character story. The previous two-parter involving the xenophobic humans was much better as a finale than this.

Paramount, please retire Rick Berman and his staff to some dark corner of the lot where they can no longer touch Star Trek. Wait a few years, then bring someone with vision beyond the technobabble and rehashed time travel stories. JMS gets my vote, if you're interested in this fans opinion.