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Sunday, May 22, 2005

RotS II: The Chosen One

I think RotS finally clears up the whole "Chosen One" theme. We've been discussing "the Prophecy" in our house the last few weeks and came up with a few ideas:

1) Anakin/Vader is the Chosen One. After he destroys the Jedi, it leaves two on each side of the Force, bringing balance
2) Luke is really the Chosen One. He is the one who turns his father back from the Dark Side and brings about the fall of the Empire.

Well, it gets a little clearer in the movie. By putting in the line in RotS: "You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them!" we are pointed directly to the point that it is indeed Anakin who is Chosen. It's Vader that chooses to destroy the Sith by killing the Emperor.

It just took him a long time to get around to it.

On a related note, regarding the whole "Bush==Vader" theme that's running around right now, I think it's pretty laughable. However, let's take this to the logical conclusion:

Vader==The Chosen One
The Chosen One==Detroys the Sith
The Sith==Evil

Therefore, Bush is chosen to destroy evil. Boy, that will drive the anti-Religious Right folks nuts, won't it :)