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Monday, May 09, 2005

NY Times Jumps on "Values"

A New York Times committee has recommended several steps to help increase readers’ confidence in the newspaper, including making reporters and editors more accessible through e-mail, reducing errors and increasing coverage of middle America and religion.

I have to wonder what kind of coverage will it offer. The NY media has never gone out of its way to understand middle America or religion. In fact, they seem to prefer insulting it. Everything from Connie Chung asking OKC firefighters how they could possibly deal with the problems associated with the bombing in 1995, to the most recent coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II shows this.

Now, I suppose I should give the NY Times credit for recognizing their limitations, but this is still a committee recommendation, not an action plan. I have my doubts that they will really follow through on it, except to give it some lip service.