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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Comcast Stuff

After getting more and more overwhelmed by spam at my off-site hosting company, I started trying Comcast's email service. I figured it couldn't hurt - it's free with the cable service after all. After using it for about a couple of weeks, I'm pretty impressed. The spam filters are working better than anything the hosting company or my email programs were coming up with. I've also got access via both web and home client so I can get to them remotely - something I could do before but it wasn't pretty. Most recently, I discovered that Comcast supports pop3s so that at least my passwords and email aren't sent cleartext over the shared wire - that's something I've wanted for a while.

I used to think a cable/phone provider couldn't possibly keep up with a private hosting service. I'm quickly learning that's not necessarily true. Comcast doesn't allow the same flexibility on server access I get from a Unix account, but right now I'm finding the email features far outweigh the loss of web abilities.

I think my hosting service will be out of a job soon.