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Friday, April 01, 2005

Real Death, No Politics

I do not like Eleanor Clift's politics, but this tribute she wrote about her just-departed husband is worth reading. With the world focused on Terri Schiavo and now the Pope and all of the political implications in the US and the Vatican, this is a bittersweet reminder about what most families really have to deal with:

One morning when I was lining up the array of controlled substances to give him for pain, I remarked to the hospice caregiver that I figured I should just give him everything that’s available. “Yes, please,” he said loud and clear. On a Sunday morning in March as his condition worsened and the morphine dose was doubled, he asked me clearly, “What do you want to do this summer?” I said, “Take a trip with you,” and then I went into the kitchen to fix his cream of rice cereal, and fight back tears.