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Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Personal Opinion

I've finally calmed down enough to write about my fears concerning Pope Benedict XVI. When the Cardinal announced the new pope was Joseph, I just yelled, NOOOOOO! I knew it was Ratzinger. We are so headed down the wrong path. My question is who in their right frame of mind would elect Ratzinger?

I knew it would be him about 3 years ago. The Pope got really ill and the Italian press started asking Ratzinger if he was going to be our next pope. He strongly dismissed any questions, stating that he would never want to be pope. The statement of "I will not be in line for Pope" made me so happy. It has been, in my opinion, Ratzinger and not JPII who was running things over the last few years. All of the announcements and letters concerning more stringent holds on the Church to stop women/girls from participating, only latin is said at Mass, especially during the Consecration, priests should face the crucifix and not the assembly.... I was devastated when I was in Nawlins last July, to find out from my aunt that she was perplexed at the change she was seeing in her Church. The Mass had reverted totally to Vatican I standards, girls were not altar servers or lectors or Eucharistic Ministers. Latin was the language of the whole Mass and the priest had his back to the assembly. Here is the kicker; the seminary Notre Dame on Clairborne Ave teaches only Vatican I to their seminarians, they are graduating, with the blessing of the Bishop with the urge to go forward and hold Masses and stress from the Roman Missal of Vatican I all the old ways of worship. Be so scared. All of the progress we have made since Vatican II: I bet Paul VI and John XXIII were pleased with what little leaps we had made - and now it's about to go away and the Middle Ages of worship are back. Lastly, and just as saddly, Loyola has hired a teacher who subscribes to this. Horrific! This is not the Jesuit way I thinking I wanted.

I guess he proved the old adage, "The one who screams the loudest, screams a lie." Now I'm hearing about how close of a friend he was to JPII and how people I've read about can't wait for Ratzinger to lead us backwards into Vatican I. My final reaction was to announce to the house my intention to say a novena, 1 rosary daily, for the positive, forward path to be taken by Ratzinger. Please pray for this about face in his thinking. Any way I've probably said to much.

I still shake my head and can't look at his picture as Pope! God be with us!