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Monday, April 04, 2005

He Was Great, But.....

Watching/reading the coverage of Pope John Paul II's death this weekend has been interesting. One thing that definitely stood out, though, is the "He was great, but..." spin that's out there. Captain's Quarters found an incomplete version of a NY Times piece here with the phrase "need some quote from supporter" amidst the already written criticisms.

This morning the ABC hourly news talked about how much he expanded the Catholic Church, but followed it up immediately with the counter about how he was very conservative on women's issues, condoms, etc.

Now, on MSNBC you have the headline: "How John Paul’s Bold Stances Divided America".

This has been going on for a while. Reagan's death saw much the same thing. It seems we can no longer celebrate someone's accomplishments in life - we have to bring up the sticky points, too.

I guess whoever does my eulogy will say something like: "He was a great husband and father, but he spent too much time indoors with gadgets."