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Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring Break

It's Spring Break this week, so we have gotten to have extra fun around the house. TheOtherKiddo decided she wanted to learn to play Chess after we were given a set by a friend recently.

Chess! I haven't gotten to play in years, and here was my daughter wanting to learn.

TheOtherKiddo is 10, so the outcome was never really in doubt to either of us. She knew that as the one learning she was likely to be trounced. I'll admit I'm not much of a player anymore - I haven't played more than a handful of games since high school. Still, it was fun to teach her and watch her examine the board. I was demolishing her ranks and she had taken a few of my sacrificed pawns, but that was about it. Then, I got careless. I took my hand off of my Queen just in time to notice that she could whack it. I told her to look around the board carefully, and she finally saw it. Oh well. However, she was happy - she got to get revenge for her horsies - er - knights.

The good news is that she learned her lessons well: she got to teach and beat up on Mom a while later. She even remembered the "if you remove your hand, your move is over" rule - even though it cost her in one game with Mom.

Beyond that, TheOtherKiddo is climbing rocks this week at a local climbing gym. Four hours per day all week long of climbing walls. It's certainly better than doing it at home :) She's ready to take naps most days when she's done, but it's been good for her. She's spent a couple of nights at friends too, leaving us some quality time in the evenings.

This weekend, she'll be singing in the Children's Choir for Easter services. Then, it's back to school next week. It's been a fun week for her.

I wish grown-ups got Spring Break....