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Friday, March 25, 2005

Hi There

Here I am, here I am.

OtherBlogger, I just wanted to agreee with you, and not with Peggy Noonan.

Among those who homebirth there is a saying: Birth is as safe as life gets.

When we tell people we are going to have a baby at home, we hear, over and over, how dangerous it is. We hear about all the things that could go wrong. We hear about all the ways the baby could die.

The thing is, things go wrong in hospitals, too. Babies die in hospitals, too. Our society sees that as okay, because if you are in a hospital, obviously you were doing all you could and being as safe as possible. Never mind that doctors are human, and both they and technology can fail.

If you have a baby at home and that baby dies, for whatever reason, society lays the blame on you. If you had gone to a hospital like a normal person, your baby would have lived. Your stupid, horrible, ignorant choice killed your baby.

Maybe. But not necessarily.

Birth is as safe as life gets. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes babies die. Sometimes big people die. Sometimes it's better to die, or let others die, than to prolong a life that isn't a life. Isn't it?

I've never figured out why we will humanely kill pets, and criminals, but we will let a loved one suffer for ages long after their body has given up, and then let them slowly starve or parch to death. Lovely. Seems backwards to me. (I'm not advocating the starving of pets, mind you.) Then again, I've never figured out why abortion is okay but using the death penalty on a murder is wrong.

I'm sorry for Terry Schiavo, but I want her husband's decision up held for the simple reason that he is the one legally empowered to make the decision. If he's making it for the wrong reasons, it's on his soul. I am married and I want my husband to make those kinds of decisions for me. I do not want the government stepping in because his decision is unpopular or politically incorrect.