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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Group Blogging v. Individual Blogging

I blogged on my own site, under my own name, for about two years. While it was satisfying - sometimes very satisfying - there were problems. The largest one is the same as TheOtherBlogger noted: sometimes you don't have anything to say, or you don't have any time to say it in an intelligent way. After two years, when I was going through what promised to be an extended period of non-posting, I ended up guest-blogging for a few months on another blogger's site (also under my own name, hence no link).

I don't mind blogging under my own name, and haven't gotten into any trouble or had any issues because of it, but it's also the case that there are some things I won't say, or will say differently, simply because I don't want to invite any later issues when someone finds it under my name.

So, here I am, both group blogging and anonymously blogging.

Welcome all to the blog.